1Can i speak with someone ?
Of course, that’s no problem! We would be happy to assist you in the way that best suits your lifestyle. Our wonderfully dedicated and knowledgeable account representatives are available by telephone from 7-4 PST, or you can live chat with a rep. through our website. You can e-mail us as well and we guarantee you'll receive a timely response.
2How long have you been in business ?
We have been incorporated since 1995.
3Can i place the order over phone ?
Of course! Our friendly staff is more than happy to answer any questions you may have and assist in placing orders. We can be reached by phone 24x7, 9-8 IST.
4Where is your office ?
Jumpking , A93, Beary's lakeside habitat, Shantivana, Sanjeevani nagar, Bangalore, 560092
5Which Payment Modes you accept ?
We accept Credit cards, debit cards, Bank Transfer, Cash on delivery, Cash, NEFT, Paypal.
6When Will I Receive My Order ?
Orders are shipped within 2-3 business days once the order is placed. Orders will be shipped by GATI & DHL (depending on the size of the order). Therefore, transit time will be determined based on your location and shipping method.
7Do you provide only spare parts ?
We supply our spare parts only to our esteemed customers.
8What is a Zorb ball?
The Zorb ball is a large 3m air inflated ball with a hollow inner ball of 1.2m diameter. The ball consists of side entrances that allow participants to enter. Once in the balls, participants are strapped in safely using harnesses which are built in the balls for the Zorbing experience.
9Where can I use the Zorb Balls or the Bumper Balls / Bubble Balls?
The ideal location to use the zorb balls is at a local park with a large open grassy area. CAN BE USED ON: Grass, gym floors, and any other soft surfaces. CANNOT BE USED ON: Concrete, asphalt, gravel, sand, and any other rough surfaces.
10Who can use Bumper Ball?
Bumper Ball can be used by small children as well as adults. The Bumper Balls have a padded harness on the inside of the ball which is easily adjusted to get the perfect fit, no matter what your size.
11What happens if the Zorb ball or Body Zorb Or water walking ball gets punctures?
If the ball punctures there is no reason to panic. Small and large holes or tears can easily be patched and sealed.The ball can easily be patched with patching equipment called Tear Aid that can be ordered from us.
12Where can the Water ball be used?
Water ball can be used anywhere where there is water, lakes, pools, beaches, amusement parks and inflatable pool.
13How to get in / out of the ball?
* We have a Germany zipper for water balls ,You crawl through the zipper opening when the ball is deflated. * Then the zipper is closed and the ball is inflated. * When you are on the water, there is always a safety line on the ball which is used to pull the ball back to the shore. * When the ride is over, the zipper is opened and the guest can get out of the ball.
14What is TPU - Thermoplastic Urethane?
TPU's full name: (Thermoplastic Elastomer Urethane Copolymer) is a new non-toxic materials, The wide application of products, TPU will be replaced by a product of PVC. -Resistant to solvent, oil and grease. -Weatherproof -Excellent strength, break strength and elongation -Soft -Better resistance to hydrolysis -Better resistance to low temperature -Better mycete-proof
15How are the balls inflated?
The balls are 2 meters in diameter and are inflated with an air blower (680W),it take about 1 minute to inflate the ball.