Human Foosball Pricing

This life-size remake of the game is a blend of playing indoor soccer while mounted to a shish kabob. We have seen a variety of materials used to construct this game over the years from elaborate wood craftsmanship to large inflatable jump houses, but there is always one common theme — fun. Everyone likes to join a team and be competitive, which makes human foosball a great fit for team building corporate events all the way to children’s birthday games.

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Human Foosball Playing Area = (width) 18ft * 28ft ( length) + Goals wall size = 6 feet

How it works?

The game is very similar to foosball in that two teams are connected to rods so they can only move laterally across the court instead of up and down like traditional soccer. The ball is served between the two opponents in the middle of the court and players must kick the ball to other players on the same rod or advance it in an attempt to score a goal. Games are typically played to 5 points but sometimes can be played to 10.



We ship one hi speed air pump, one repair kit and one bag with each human foosball.