Sumo Fight Pricing

Sumo Suit is best for team building exercise. It is game of minimum 2 people and two teams each one wearing this sumo Suit. He who fell all others by pushing himself to others is the winner of the game . Sumo Suit is made of flexible plastic sheets called PVC & it is filled with 30 kg of foam. just wear it, and start fighting, Without hurting anyone.

  • Payment Terms : Only Pay 5000 advance to confirm the order Rest Cash on delivery.

Given price inclusive of GST : 28%. Shipping Charges extra chargable as per actual.

Technology we use !

We use Recron Fibre to for the filling and Sumo suits are made up of PVC tarpauline.


We ship one package containing 2 Sumo Suits, 2 safety helmets, 4 Gloves and a foam filled areana.

How it works?

2 opponents wear these foam filled sumo fight suits and try to push each other out of the foam filled ground matt. The one who get out of the mat is looser and other is the winner.